Testing environment

If you wish to test your API before you go to production, GLOBHE offers a testing environment in which you can place dummy orders and receive dummy data. Note that the API key for the testing environment is not the same as your key on production. You need to create a new profile on and copy that API key from there.

How to work in the testing environment
  1. Go to

  2. Create a client account there

  3. Contact support to get your testing API key granted and to receive dummy data when orders are placed

baseUrl for the testing environment

Use this baseUrl for testing only. It is different from the baseUrl of production.

What to do next

Once you are satisfied and your testing environment is working well, then you can replace the testing credentials with your production ones:

  1. Replace your testing baseUrl with the production baseUrl

  2. Replace your testing API key with your production API key

  3. Place orders in production in the same way you did in the testing environment

Activate your API key

To activate your API key on either the production or the testing environment, please contact support and you will receive a reply in less than 24 hours.

Contact support