List Order

You can get a list of all orders created by the same API key with the request below.


The List Orders endpoint supports optional filtering on the order "status" and delivery data types "fileDataType" with the following query parameters to be included in the request body:

  • fileDataType : represents the delivery file data type that the client will receive. For example 2D orthomosaics maps, thermal maps... Check the Create Order for more info on the available delivery data types
  • status : Represents the status of the mission. The availables statuses are listed below.
  • limit : represents the maximum number of entries to be included in the response. The default is 10.
  • page : this is the pagination in the response in case the limit above is chosen. The default is 0.

If the status, fileDataType, limit, and page   were not specified, all orders made by this API key will be listed regardless of their status or delivery file data type.

The available order 'status' options to filter with

The following statuses can be used while filtering with the getOrderList

reviewingAn order has been place and the order is being reviewed by GLOBHE. You will receive a quote very soon for you to approve or decline
quoteReceivedYou have received a quote for your order for you to accept or decline
pendingOperatorThe order is now confirmed and has been sent to drone operators but no operator has been assigned yet.
operatorAssignedAn operator has been assigned to your order. Data capture will start asap once the operator will choose a date
orderNotFeasibleThe operator has indicated that there are problem in your order and they are unable to capture the data as per your requirements
flyingDateSetThe operator has decided when he/she will capture the data
completedthe data has been sent to the client and the order is now complete
rejectedthe order has been rejected by GLOBHE
cancelledthe order has been cancelled by the client
deletedthe order has been deleted by admin
Example Request
  "limit": 10,
  "page": 0,
  "status": "active"
Example Response
  "id": "adipisicing123456789",
  "areaSize": 85301325.0620738,
  "clientEmail": "",
  "deliveryDeadline": "2022-10-01",
  "clientName": "Darth Vader",
  "companyName": "The First Galactic Empire",
  "deliveryFiles": [
  "description": "A detailed description of the data capture requirements goes here",
  "orderName": "Site 001 Paris",
  "orderPrice": 44927494.15693178,
  "orderStatus": "reviewing",
  "orderRejectionReason": "anim dolor dolore ex",
  "locationMap": [
      "lat": 47.40430222489124,
      "lng": -33.278262875341284
      "lat": -17.70925800990831,
      "lng": 144.48954366869725
  "mapTypes": [
  "notifications": {
    "webhook": "https://uLDIaEmhpasAXxN.xfsYQI7WVtzY96ZiVGIL8uvEwUid+C7Z,A,.5Or",
    "email": true
  "pointOfContact": {
    "pocName": "Katniss Everdeen",
    "pocPhone": "123456"
  "otherMapType": "ut incididunt labore",
  "advancedOption": {
    "flightHeight": 60,
    "gcp": true