Data Delivery

Once the data has been uploaded to the Crowddroning platform and quality checked by an admin, it will be ready for collection. The client will be notified by email that the status of the order is complete and that the data can be fetched. Alternatively, the client can also be notified by webhook if the a webhook url was inserted in notification.

Data will be delivered as single files which the client can download and save to their server of choice. The files are stored in an array located in deliveryFiles .

Example Request
Example Response
  "id": "123456789",
  "areaSize": 49468049.34829436,
  "clientEmail": "",
  "deliveryDeadline": "2022-09-19",
  "clientName": "Obi-Wan Kenobi",
  "companyName": "Jedi High Council",
  "deliveryFiles": [
  "description": "pariatur fugiat",
  "orderPrice": 90302877.53317097,
  "orderStatus": "completed",
  "locationMap": [
      "lat": 89.59607725985146,
      "lng": 131.18019461249787
      "lat": 73.2426077887128,
      "lng": 102.17697778830319
  "mapTypes": [
  "notifications": {
    "webhook": "https://kvpmHNa.fuvcdQjX0QTKSyVs65ZxUpSuCyVSy",
    "email": true
  "otherMapType": "incididunt non eu eiusmod"