The GLOBHE API uses Basic HTTP Authentication and requires that you have a valid API key. Once you sign up as a client, you will automatically receive an API key that you can find in your profile. This key will not be automatically approved. See below how you can activate your API key.

Authenticate by setting username to your API key.

**Authentication Via Basic HTTP with Python
# import os module to access environmental modules import os import requests # pass in your API key os.environ[‘apiKey’]=‘12345' //use your API key instead of 12345 # Setup the API Key from the 'apiKey' environment variable GLOBHE_API_KEY = os.getenv('apiKey') BASE_URL = "" #setup a session session = requests.Session() #authenticate session with username and password, pass in an empty string for the password session.auth = (GLOBHE_API_KEY, "") #make a get request to the Data API res = session.get(BASE_URL) # test response print(res.status_code) # print response body print(res.text)
**Authentication Via cURL
curl -u {apiKey}:

Activate your API key

To activate your API key on either the production or the testing environment, please contact support and you will receive a reply in less than 24 hours.

Contact support